Your results

As soon as they have been checked by our medical biologist, results are prepared for patients, doctors and other named individuals and may be made available via our confidential online results service.

How we deliver test results to patients

Patients may choose from the following options

1) the report can be made available for collection at our reception desk, on presentation of the personal voucher issued at the time of the test at the laboratory; for tests carried out off-site, this option may be selected by completing the “reserved for patients” section of the medical follow-up form;

2) the report can be sent by post. Post is collected at 3.30 pm; reports completed after 3.30 pm are sent the following day;

3) the report can be accessed on internet, to access the results server :  click here
To read the help file "Access to results server" : click here

NB: for reasons of confidentiality, only results relating to checks for ongoing treatment, such as INR/TP, can be provided by telephone.

How we deliver results to doctors

Clinicians may opt to have results sent to them by post under sealed cover and/or by encrypted email, in accordance with HPRIM procedure.

Results can be faxed only to prescribing practitioners and named colleagues, by specific request or automatically (in the case of the Alençon Medical Imaging Group, Oncology Centres, and the Alençon Haemodialysis Centre).

Our medical biologists will telephone or fax results to prescribing practitioners for pathology tests, when results are urgent, or at the request of the prescribing practitioner.

Pathology results are communicated to the patient by our biologist if the prescribing practitioner cannot be reached; the patient will be encouraged to consult his GP as soon as possible.

Special circumstances

  • Tests for minors or adults protected by law

    Results will only be communicated to the prescribing practitioner or legal representative, except for tests relating to sexually transmitted infection, contraception or abortion. In these cases, results will only be given to the prescribing practitioner.

  • Tests processed by a specialist laboratory

    Medicabio will receive results under sealed cover and via the HPRIM image procedure.

    Results will be given on the specialist laboratory’s letterhead and attached to the Medicabio report.

  • Cytogenetic tests and prenatal diagnosis procedures

    Results will be given only to the prescribing practitioner who will pass them on to the patient.

  • Tests requested by an insurance company

    Results will be given only to the patient who is free to use them as they wish.

  • Tests requested by an occupational health practitioner

    Results will be given only to the practitioner who will pass them on to the patient, unless the practitioner specifies, on the prescription or by letter, that they may be given to the patient.

  • Tests requested on legal authority

    Results of tests requested for legal purposes are sent under sealed cover to the requesting authority.

  • Patient anonymity

    If a patient requests anonymity, the forename and surname will be substituted with an internally generated code.
    When the patient registers at the laboratory, they will be given a card showing their identification code.
    Patients will be informed that results will only be handed over on presentation of their card.